Goal Setting for Working Women

Do you want to make a positive change in your life?  Do you want to start a new career or build your creative business? On a personal level are you ready to establish some healthy habits or make other positive lifestyle changes?

The Big Beautiful Goals Workbook

I created The Big Beautiful Goals Workbook to help busy working women like you set and get  Big Beautiful Goals. Inside you’ll find resources for writing the perfect SMART goal, tips for creating an action plan to reach your goals and exercises to help tackle challenges you may face along the way. There’s also a section for examining the WHY behind your goals. Understanding your personal motivation for setting a goal is as important as reaching it!

Challenge or Opportunity?

There is also a section for how to handle challenges that happen along the way to reaching your goals. Challenges are part of life and they way you look at them can determine if you are successful or if you give up. People often classify challenges as problems. What if you were to switch your thinking as a challenge is an opportunity – an opportunity for growth, learning new skills, meeting new people, etc… How we approach the challenge is an integral part of reaching your big beautiful goals.

Lorri Brown, Barefoot Office Mom

I’ve achieved some Big Beautiful Goals in my own life, including starting a successful freelance career, buying my own home, becoming a published author and obtaining my health and wellness coaching certification. None of these things just landed in my lap by accident. I planned for each goal and took the necessary steps to reach them. Some of my Big Beautiful Goals  happened over a long period of time while others only took a few weeks or months.

Think Big Act Small

I always tell my coaching clients to THINK BIG, but act small. By small I mean take small actions on a consistent basis. Small actions lead to big results over time.

This is also the approach I take with my own personal goals. Having a clear goal and breaking it into small, actionable steps, allowed me to see regular progress and this kept me motivated  to continue – even when I knew the goal was still far in the future.

I would love to hear about your own Big Beautiful Goals! Be sure to connect with me on Instagram and Facebook and tell me about them!

You got This!

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